Advocate for a Healthier Madison County


A healthy population is a key component for a viable and growing community and should be a top concern for all residents. An unhealthy work force suffers not only from more chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and , but the symptoms are often times more frequent and severe leading to increased number of days missed due to illness, reduced productivity and decreased profitability by local businesses. Other unhealthy activities such as smoking and obesity only amplify the effect. Uninsured workers have almost no hope of affording coverage or accessing needed medical care to treat many of their illnesses and will continue to suffer.

Uninsured individuals and even insured families often times find themselves unable to pay for medical care in an emergency, or view the emergency room as their only source of care. State funded programs like Medicaid and the Healthy Indiana Plan work hard to steer their members away from the emergency room and into primary care as a way of reducing costs, providing better service and as a way of providing preventative care. Some families find themselves with a devastating illness and will go bankrupt trying to keep up with medical bills. When a family loses their lifesavings, it’s a slippery slope towards losing their transportation, their employment and their homes.  

Many parents cannot afford insurance for their children, or are stuck in high-deductible plans and cannot afford regular check-ups and dentist visits. These kids are vulnerable not only to chronic illnesses but run the risk of having untreated developmental problems that can plague them throughout their school years but into adulthood as well.    

The effects of an unhealthy community have on the economy affect us all, even those fortunate enough to be insured and healthy. Unhealthy workers drag down our local economy by reducing productivity and not being able to live up to their potential. Families can find themselves buried in an insurmountable mountain of debt, and children can often become victims of the system.


The United Way of Madison County is working hard to promote a healthier Madison county and you can help in small but effective ways.

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Join the Covering Kids and Families Coalition E-mail list. The coalition is a group of community partners working towards reducing the number of uninsured individuals in Madison County. Receiving the E-mails is a great way to keep up-to-date on news and events across the county.

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The United Way of Madison County has partnered with FamilyWize to bring the FamilyWize Prescription discount card to Madison County and you can help distribute this free card to uninsured residents and save them 30% or more on prescriptions. We are always looking for volunteers to handout cards at work, school, places of worship and just about everywhere else.  

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Text4Baby is a great program aimed at bringing information to pregnant women and young mothers. Help us promote the program by promoting the program to pregnant women.

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Join the E-mail list for Healthcare.gov, a great site for learning more about healthcare reform and public policy.