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YouTube Library


Did you know that over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? Many of these videos are tutorials offering lessons and helpful advice on various topics, from differential calculus to how to apply mascara. This makes YouTube a great source for people looking to brush up on their skills during a job search. Rather than driving 20 minutes to attend a 3-hour talk on how to write a resume, you could simply search "how to write a resume" on YouTube, and half an hour later you'll be an expert. 


Here, we offer a library of tutorials relevant to people looking to find or keep a job. 

How to Make a Good Impression:


How to Prepare for an Interview:


How to Dress for Work (Men):


How to Dress for Work (Women):


How to Write a Resume: 


How to Use a Profile: 


General Networking/JobSearch Advice: