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Madison County is home to Madison County is home to approximately 130,000 residents with 29,000 under the age of eighteen. The largest city, Anderson, is home to 57,000 residents and resides in the central portion of the county, with the communities of Lapel and Pendleton to the south and Alexandria and Elwood to the north. Census estimates completed in 2009 show a 1.5% decrease in the total population of Madison County between the 2000 Census and the 2008 estimate, compared to a 5.6% increase for the entire state of Indiana. The change in population is most likely attributable to the loss of General Motors (GM) plants, and the growth of northern Indianapolis Suburbs in Hamilton County.


Poverty remains an issue for Madison County with an estimated 21% of all children living below the Federal Poverty level (FPL), compared to 18% at the state level. Estimates of the number of families follow below 200% of the FPL are 37,000, or 28% of the total county population. During the 2009 school year, 47% of Madison County students qualified for Free and Reduced Lunches (FRL), compared to 42% at the state level. Unemployment in Madison County is still outpacing the state at 11.6% compared to 10.1% at the state level and 9.6% at the national level. The 2008 Madison County median household income was 44,152, while the state median household income was 48,675.

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Education in Madison County continues to stay in pace with the state. The 2009 Graduation rate for Madison County was 83.3%, keeping in-step with the state at 83.7%, with each school corporation showing strong increases between 2007 and 2009. An estimated 9.8% of Madison County residents hold a four-year degree while the state level is 14.2%.

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Health care and access to healthcare in Madison County contains many areas needing improvement. The 2006 Census estimates places the percentage of Madison County residents uninsured at 12.6%, lower than the state average of 14.1%. Teen birth in Madison County still out-paces the state; with 30.2 births per 1,000 females aged 15-17 (22% per 1,000 statewide) and 55.1 births per 1,000 females aged 15-19 45.1 per 1,000 statewide).

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