Madison County United Way Raises $812,000

Friday, February 8, 2013
by Jack Molitor

The Madison County United Way has raised $812,000 to date for its 2012 campaign.

The results of the campaign were announced Thursday night during the organization’s annual meeting and dinner event.

The number represents 97 percent of the final 2011 number but falls short of a projected total and goal of $1 million, according to a press release from the Madison County United Way.

Organization President Nancy Vaughan said she urges the public to keep contributing and volunteering despite being short of the goal to this point.

“There is still time to contribute,” Vaughan said. “In this uncertain economic environment, it’s more difficult to project results from the national campaigns, so the more pledges we have in-house, the better we’ll be able to put together our community support budget for 2013.”

During the dinner event, Vaughan and other members of the United Way acknowledged volunteers and contributors to the organization, described efforts made by the United Way over the past year and laid out plans for the future.

“Our economy here has been tough for a while now,” Vaughan said. “But we work to bring people together to improve the lives of others.”

The organization also recognized United Way and RSVP volunteers of the year. Michael Austin, an attorney at Hulse, Lacey, Hardacre, Austin & Shine, received the United Way award. Ann Parsons, a volunteer for more than 20 years, received the RSVP award.

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