Our Constitution





Section 1. Mission Statement

Student United Way at Anderson University serves to impact our communities by mobilizing the caring power of students through meaningful volunteer experiences & service projects while voicing the needs of the community with willing partners to create lasting relationships. 

The Student United Way work includes 

•          Advocate: Educate members and the student body about critical community issues in education, income, and health

•          Volunteer: Serve, and recruit peers to serve, in meaningful ways that help create lasting change

•          Give: Fundraise and donate to help address critical issues facing the community

Section 2. Statement of Compliance

The bylaws of Student United Way shall not violate the bylaws, constitution and Code of Ethics of the United Way of Madison County or Anderson University.


Section 1. Active Members

Active members include any undergraduate or graduate student at Anderson University who attend and participate in regular meetings.

No hazing or discrimination will be used as condition of membership in this organization. No University student may be denied membership on the basis of race, creed, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, parental status, disability, or the inability to pay dues.

Active members:

1. Hold various functional responsibilities of the organization.

2. May hold executive officer positions at the STUDENT UNITED WAY at ANDERSON UNIVERSITY.

3. Are eligible for the position of Student Representative to the United Way of the Madison County Executive Board.

4. Vote in STUDENT UNITED WAY at ANDERSON UNIVERSITY executive officer elections.

Section 2.

Participants and Other Supporters

Participants and other supporters are connected to the group in some capacity, such as by episodically participating in the group’s Give, Advocate, and/or Volunteer activities.  They may be on the listserv or otherwise connected, but they do not attend meetings regularly or serve active roles on committees.  Participants and other supporters are not able to vote for officers or other votes that active members may takes.

Section 3. New Membership and Recruitment

1. Any and all new members will be given full disclosure during recruitment, including but not limited to the disclosure of:

a. Schedule of New Member Events and Activities

b. A list of responsibilities

2. All members, including but not limited to new members and recruits, reserve the right to refrain from participating in any activities without consequence, based upon the personal religious beliefs, personal values, or moral reserve as defined by that member.

3. Any and all interaction/activity between members and new members will be limited to the guidelines stated by university policy, as well as local, state, and federal law.

Section 4. Expulsion of members

1. The Student United Way reserves the right to expel a member who is not following the policies of the organization, as determined by the Executive Officers and a vote of membership.


Advisers are a Anderson University faculty or staff member and a United Way of Madison County staff member who regularly attend meetings and advise the active members.

Advisers shall:

1. Provide experienced advice and oversee administrative decisions

2. Handle business of executive officer elections

3. Have other responsibilities as decided among advisers and student leadership




Section 1. Presidential Duties and Powers

The President shall:

1. Chair all regular meetings

2. Coordinates with local United Way and host campus, including ensuring Student United Way follows all applicable regulations.

3. Facilitates setting the Student United Way agenda for the year with advisors from Anderson University and United Way of Madison County

4. Primary representative of Student United Way to public

5. Responsible, through delegation or otherwise, necessary activity not otherwise specified in the Constitution

6. Support Treasurer in ensuring financial accountability

7. Serve on United Way of Madison County board of directors as a Student Representative



Section 2.

Vice Presidential Duties and Powers

The Vice President shall:

1. Support the efforts of the president and work with her/him on overall direction of group

2. Oversees and supports committee chair activities as necessary

3. Act as event coordinator for Student United Way events not otherwise assigned

4. Serve as President if he/she is unavailable

5. Support Treasurer in ensuring financial accountability



Section 3.

Treasurer Duties and Powers

The Treasurer shall:

1. Conduct or oversee all financial business, including but not limited to

a. Coordinate all fundraising with United Way of Madison County

b. Meet or exceed all financial requirements for student organizations on campus

c. Develop and submit organization budget to advisors from United Way of Madison County and Anderson University

d. Ensure funds are only used for the specific purpose they were raised for

e. Keep accurate financial records and report them publicly annually

f. Comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws at all times



Section 4.

Secretarial Duties and Powers

The Secretary shall:

1. Keep minutes for regular meetings

2. Maintain records of membership, track attendance at meetings and events

3. Ensure completion and submissions of the annual Registration Form to United Way Worldwide to maintain status as official Student United Way


Section 1.

Timing of Elections

Elections for Executive Officers shall occur annually at a regular meeting in March for coming year positions of at least President and Treasurer to ensure continuity; some positions can be held for early fall semester elections to allow opportunity for new members to lead

Section 2.

Election Procedure

Election Procedure shall be as follows:

1. Any active member is nominated by any active member including her/himself.

2. Nominee is seconded by any other active member to become a candidate

3. Nominees will give a speech; once all nominees speak there will be a discussion period amongst members regarding the nominees.

4. Voting shall be through secret written ballot and consist of two rounds

a. First round will narrow field down to the two candidates receiving the most votes by plurality

b. Second round shall determine Executive Board Member Elect by simple majority

c. In the event of 1-2 candidates, only one round of simple majority will be necessary

5. Advisers will oversee and facilitate the election process of Executive Officers



Section 1: Rules for Impeachment

Any Executive Board member, General Board member, or general member can be impeached on the following rules;

1. Conviction of any misdemeanor or felony offense

2. A serious violation of University policy

3. Any actions that do not promote the values of the United Way of Madison County

4. Any actions that do not promote the values of the Student United Way


Section 2: Impeachment Process

1. Any officer or chair can be impeached by a majority vote of the Executive Officers based on the above

Section 3: Removal Process

1. At the next general meeting, a 3/4ths vote is needed from all active members to remove the impeached person.


1. Amendments to this Constitution can be made by recommendation of a majority of the Executive Officers as deemed appropriate to fit the needs of the Student United Way by the President. Recommendations for amendment can be made at any regularly scheduled meetings that have quorum (quorum is defined as having 50% + 1 of active members present at any meeting).

2. After recommendation, Amendments are presented for vote by the members of the Student United Way.  A 2/3 majority of the vote by the membership is required to ratify an amendment.