2017 United Way Award Winners Announced

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2017 United Way Award Winners


2017 Volunteer of the Year

David Happe
Left to right: David Happe, Nancy Vaughan, President, and Lisa Floyd, Current Board Chair

2017 RSVP Volunteer of the Year

Brenda Sheller

2017 RSVP Stars

Sharon Parker
Shelby Isbell
Melinda Sue Passwater
Left to right:
Shelby Isbell, Melinda Sue Passwater, Sharon Parker, Brenda Sheller, Georgeann Whitworth, RSVP Director, and Kim Rogers-Hatfield, VP of Engagement

2017 Spirit of United Way

Left to right:  Nancy Vaughan, Kristi Lemerick, Noah Rosen, Obadiah Smith, Fundraising Chair

2017 Outstanding Coordinator of the Year

Amanda Shepherd
Community Hospital
Left to right:  Nancy Vaughan, Amanda Shepherd, Obadiah Smith

2017 Community Builders Award

Tim Thompson
Thompson Insurance

2017 Rise to the Challenge Award

Obadiah Smith, Coca-Cola Team, and Nancy Vaughan
Hoosier Park Racing & Casino
Obadiah Smith, Debbie Blaesing, Jill Scott, and Nancy Vaughan
Obadiah Smith, The Kleenco Team, and Nancy Vaughan
Star Financial Bank
Obadiah Smith, Trent Dowling, and Nancy Vaughan

Obadiah Smith, Annette Phillips and Nancy Vaughan