2019 United Way Award Winners Announced

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Nancy Anderson, St. Vincent Anderson Hospital, 2019 Outstanding Workplace Champion

Pictured left to right:  Nancy Vaughan (UWMC), Nancy Anderson, and Kim Williams (UWMC)

This year, Nancy led the campaign for an organization with 1700 employees. She also had the unique challenge of finding ways to keep the campaign local as it is a regionalized campaign directed out of Indianapolis. This is not an easy task. She not only excelled at running a campaign within a regional framework but she personally created new giving pathways that enabled ALL employees to give, even those on vendor and contracted payrolls. Again not an easy task. She paired all of this with sharing United Way’s local mission and creating fun events for employees that further supported the campaign.

Tyrone Thomas, NTN of Anderson, 2019 Campaign Volunteer of the Year

Pictured left to right:  Noah Rosen (UWMC Campaign Chair), Tyrone Thomas, and Kim Williams (UWMC)

Tyrone was instrumental in his own organization’s campaign, but he also personally challenged other manufacturers and invited businesses to support United Way. He did this by hosting a co-volunteer project for United Way’s Born Learning trail at Jackson Park with Tom Wood Honda. That day lead to a new partnership with Tom Wood that directly benefits and empowers Thrive clients and their transportation needs. His encouragement also led to a new campaign for United Way at NTK.

Vectren 2019 Community Builders Award

Pictured left to right:  Kim Rogers-Hatfield (UWMC), Emily Shelton, and Molly Drummond 

10 years – presenting sponsor for the volunteer project, Operation Weatherization. Over 1,500 tubes of caulk. Almost 2,000 boxes of window plastic. Close to 1,000 rolls of duct tape, cans of spray foam, door sweeps, water heater blankets. And, several dozen boxes of donuts (for the volunteers). Because of Vectren’s dedication to helping us build a better community close to 1,000 families have been helped to reduce their winter utility costs and stay warm.  And not only for Operation Weatherization but over the past couple of decades Vectren’s combined corporate and employee giving totaled over $100,000.00.
The Community Builder’s award is designed to recognize an individual or organization who strongly believes in the difference that United Way makes and as a result, encourages others to join with United Way and together build and support our community.

2019 Rise to the Challenge Award

Pictured left to right: 

Noah Rosen (UWMC Campaign Chair)
Trent Dowling, Star Financial Bank
Ken McCarty, South Madison Community School
Emily Blue, First Merchants Bank
Beatrice Ramey, Madison County Government
Tim Smith, Anderson Community Schools
Matt Hensley, Alexandria Community Schools
Scott Deetz, Madison-Grant Community Schools
Kim Williams (UWMC)

The Rise to the Challenge award is in recognition of those businesses and organizations that met a tremendous challenge – either running a new campaign or increasing the number of employees giving by at least 5% over last year. And thanks to their efforts, these 11 organizations alone enabled us to claim over $70,000 in match dollars this year.

2019 Spirit of United Way Award

Pictured left to right: Scott Vermillion, Emily Blue, Aaron Reger, and Noah Rosen (UWMC Campaign Chair) 

Tonight’s Spirit of United Way award winner has been a long-time partner to United Way. Their commitment exists at every level of the organization. They support each year’s campaign with a corporate gift and a successful employee campaign with many leadership donors. In fact, for the last two years, they have received our Rise to the Challenge award for increasing participation by employees.  But they don’t just give, they volunteer. They volunteer in groups and individually. This year they had two teams that took part in Operation Weatherization. They also had multiple employees that served personally on United Way’s committees and campaign, including as team leaders on the campaign.