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Here in Madison County, We LIVE UNITED against one of our community’s biggest enemies – poverty that plagues hardworking families and individuals.
We will win the fight by LIVING UNITED. By forging unlikely partnerships. By finding new solutions to old problems. By mobilizing the best resources. 
And inspiring individuals, LIKE YOU, to join the fight for our community and be a game changer.
We invite you to read our 2015 annual report and learn more about how to become a Game Changer in our community through United Way.

2014 Annual Report > Download
This year’s report focuses heavily on the current state of living for a large portion of Madison County’s households. It talks about some of the reasons current conditions exist and some of the ways to bring about change. It tells the stories of how some individuals have made change – with a little help along the way.  The ALICE stories in this report bear out statistics that show that families that receive “bundled” services are 3 to 4 times more likely to achieve a major economic outcome such as educational attainment or increased net income.  Our message is that  system change is necessary, and that requires all of us to be willing to look at reality and also at possibility. 
How can ALICE thrive?  More importantly, if ALICE does thrive, how does that change the world for the rest of us? 
2013 Annual Report > Download
What does it mean to thrive? To live in a thriving community?
At United Way, we’ve adopted the term THRIVE as a call to action around this community work. When children enter school ready to learn and graduate ready to continue training or enter the workforce; when emergency assistance is available; when people have access to health and also adopt a healthy lifestyle; when employers have a qualified pool of job applicants; when economic demand and a ready workforce lead to business investment; when economic growth leads to additional investments in infrastructure; when individuals and families see opportunity available, lives will change.
We invite you to read our 2013 annual report and learn more about how United Way is joining with you and others to help children and families in our community to THRIVE.
2012 Annual Report > Download
If there is one word to describe United Way’s accomplishments for 2012, it would be FOCUS. Simple word, simple concept, incredibly difficult to do. Focus gives us real momentum. It helps us keep moving when we know where we want to go.
United Way’s focus is on education, income and health—the building blocks for a good quality of life. We believe that when these building blocks are strong for every member of our community, the community prospers. When they are weak, the whole community struggles. Our focus is designed to deliver the greatest good with the greatest impact throughout the entire community.