Becoming Ballerinas: From our THRIVE partner, Alternatives Inc.

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Shared (with permission) this delightful newsletter article from our THRIVE partner, Alternatives Inc.


We appreciate various opportunities to connect with our community partners to support our families. Last month, ClipZone and United Way of Madison County's THRIVE Network invited our Transitional Housing Program residents to their Ballerina Spa!
Everyone in attendance watched the "The Nutcracker" performed by the Anderson Young Ballet Theatre, Inc. at the Anderson Paramount Theater. There were snacks, crafts, a viewing of the Polar Express, and photos. THRIVE staff and participants joined in the event together. Some THRIVE coaches brought their own children to connect with the children of the THRIVE participants. Staff from ClipZone did the children's hair, nails, and make-up. A few of the moms also got their nails painted.
Cheyenne Morrow, Alternatives' Transitional Housing Case Manager, said, "One of the special moments I had is with one of the girls from our Transitional Program. She pretended to 'faint' when she saw the ballerinas before the play. During the play, she was literally on the edge of her seat. She shared a box of popcorn with me and talked about how excited she was and thankful. It was almost like there were specs of glitter in her eyes!" Thank you for this delightful opportunity!