Born Learning Trails

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Born Learning's interactive, playful and visible community engagement tools are now located in parks in Anderson and Pendleton. More trails are scheduled for installation in the near future. Trails are designed to help parents, caregivers and communities support early learning opportunities for children birth to age five.

Trails feature:

  • Nine fun outdoor games
  • Learning opportunities
  • Activities to boost children's language and literacy skills
  • Multiple ways for families to get active

If you are part of a group or organization that is interested in installing a trail in your area, let us know. Trails can be installed in a local park, child care center, school, or library. A portable trail can also be designed to be used in multiple locations. If you are interested in finding out more about installing a trail in your area, download our trail flyer here.

Visit one of our six Born Learning Trails today

  • Jackson Park, Anderson- located at 22nd Street and Raible Avenue in Anderson

  • Pulaski Park, Anderson- located at 38th Street and Columbus Avenue (Spanish and English signs)

  • Shadyside Park, Anderson- located at the main park near the large playground off of Broadway
    (Spanish and English signs)

  • Brown Pool Park, Pendleton- located at 591 E. Water Street

  • Jefferson Oaks Park, Frankton 

  • Callaway Park, Elwood (Spanish and English signs)