Campaign Chair Op Ed: Support Madison County through United Way

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Madison County has always been home. That’s why I was so glad to have the opportunity to return here to work after commuting for many years. And it’s also why I have been an enthusiastic volunteer for United Way of Madison County. In my banking job, I focus on helping local businesses thrive. In my volunteer work, I focus on helping everyone THRIVE. 
As the 2019 Campaign Chair, I have had the opportunity to reach out and connect across our county to highlight the good work that is supported by United Way as well as showcasing the great support that individuals and businesses provide for that work. Helping others succeed is good business; it is personally rewarding, and it makes this place we all call home better for all of us.
United Way has been around so long and provides help in so many ways, that its impact is often taken for granted. However, as I’ve become more involved in the local economy and the work of United Way to create sustainable futures for struggling families, I have learned that we need to step up and support the campaign today more than ever. United Way is here for immediate needs when the weather becomes extreme or storms hit. It’s here when new babies are welcomed home with support for parents and caregivers. It’s here when someone needs to find health care, child care, a home or a job.
United Way is here because of you and others like you who make that pledge, write that check, volunteer that hour or day.  Please continue to do what you can to support the 2019 United Way of Madison County campaign. Together we hope to raise $750,000 and claim a matching grant of an additional $11,000 through new and increased gifts. 
We tried something new this year with a virtual kickoff, but the needs are very real. However you choose to give – online, mail, or through your place of employment - the most important thing is that you join us. We need you. Because to live better, we must live united.
Greg Bramwell is a relationship manager for Star Financial Bank and a member of the board of United Way of Madison County. Governed by an 18-member volunteer board of directors, United Way of Madison County has been a member in good standing of United Way Worldwide since 1973. For more information, contact 765-643-7493 or visit our Web site at to - your online plain text editor. Enter or paste your text here. To download and save it, click on the button below.