Committee Recruitment Letter

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Dear (Name),

(Company/Organization Name) is proud to support the community by running an annual United Way campaign in our workplace. It's a great way for our organization to do its part to help those in need throughout our community and to give back and make a difference in our community. 

I would like to ask for your time to participate as a member of the United Way committee; I hope I can count on you! You can help make this year's (Company/Organization Name)'s campaign the best yet; share your ideas, improve your community and have a lot of fun! This year, our campaign will run (Dates), so please help us get started now.

Our first committee meeting will be on (Date) at (Time) in the (Meeting Room). United Way representatives will be there to give us information about best practices and tips and tools on running a successful campaign.

Please reply to me at (Phone Number) by (Date) so I know if you will be attending

Thank you for your leadership and commitment to our community by supporting United Way.


(Your Name), United Way Campaign Employee Coordinator