Community Hospital Anderson - Champion of Hope Award Winner

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Every year we look to celebrate the volunteers, workplaces and donors who work unbelievably hard to support our community through United Way. But this year, we have a very special recognition that we need to make.

For many years, this organization has been among our strongest supporters in raising funds, helping to change lives, to transform our community, to give hope. Their support has been unwavering and incredible year after year. And, yet they always strive to do more. When we ask for support, they are always the first to step forward. When we look for leadership, they boldly take it on. When we step into new territory, they are right there beside us all because strengthening this community and providing hope to all who call it home matters deeply to them.

For many years this organization has had their own incredible goal of raising $100,000 in a single year for United Way. And for several years they came close, but this year they surpassed that goal and in 2017 they and their employees incredibly raised $101,102.

So to honor this amazing organization and this outstanding achievement, and to recognize their exceptional philanthropic contributions to our community, we would awarded Community Hospital Anderson with United Way’s first Champion of Hope Award.