Corporate Partnerships

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Partnering with United Way of Madison County provides companies a way for your business or organization to invest strategically in the community in ways that create lasting, sustainable change that will improve opportunities for individuals, employees and businesses to THRIVE.
Madison County THRIVE is United Way’s community cause that works to support hard-working, lower income families in their own efforts to achieve what every family wants and needs to THRIVE:
  • Good jobs with good wages
  • Financial stability
  • Success for their children

How will THRIVE improve opportunities for my employees, my business and the community?

  • 42% of county households struggle with poverty and are unable to earn enough to afford their families’ basic needs. - HUD, NACARRA, USDA, BLS, IRS, and state treasury

Individuals in our community struggle to earn enough to support their family, often due to the lack of skills, training and education necessary to earn higher paying employment. In turn, businesses struggle to hire a qualified workforce due to same lack of skills, training and education being present in available employees.

Corporate support of THRIVE will offer local opportunities for employment training, soft skills development, financial skills, and more to build financial futures for individuals and employees. The result is an employee base throughout the community with greater skills that can better serve your business and as a result earn a higher wage. When individuals can earn a good wage they will be able to support their families and realize long-term financial stability which will also make them more stable as employees and community members.
  • 70% of the children in our county started kindergarten without the skills needed to succeed in school last year.
Children who begin school behind often stay behind and are at higher risk of dropping out. Without an education or skills training they face limited employment prospects and a lifetime of struggle. The cycle can be broken by preparing our youngest children with the skills needed to be successful in school. Financial support of THRIVE will offer birth to Kindergarten supports that reach families and children to build necessary skills for educational success. Because when a child succeeds in school, it can set them, no matter their background, on the path to success and opportunity. Success in education will allow the future of our community to be more competitive with individuals that have advanced skills and degrees.

What are the ways my business or organization can partner with United Way of Madison County?

  • Make a corporate gift
  • Host an United Way employee campaign
  • Support volunteer opportunities through United Way
If your business or organization is interested in partnering with United Way, please contact Kim Williams by email or phone at 765-608-3064.