Covid 19 Volunteer Response

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March 26, 2020 - Updates in Progress. More Organizations will be added as soon as the information is available.
Organizations wanting to be added to this page, please email .

United Way of Madison County is working closely with other community-based organizations to share their most immediate needs while dealing with the coronavirus while connecting volunteers to safe opportunities in their communities. 


Community members are encouraged to help support urgent community needs created by the Coronavirus outbreak, but we ask that you keep the following in mind:
Honor the public health recommendations. If you’re delivering supplies or food to a family or organization, follow the suggestion of social distancing – ring the doorbell and move away from the door, text them beforehand, etc.
Feel connected through solo volunteering. Even if you’ve signed up for a solo volunteering opportunity – like delivering food to someone who needs it or distributing door hangers with information – know that the people you’re helping appreciate your outreach and you’re helping people feel connected. You’re also staying true to the health department’s suggestion of social distancing.
Look for opportunities that are limited in size. Organizations know how important of a role they play in minimizing the spread of the disease. If you are committed to volunteering with others, look for a group size of 10 or less.
Stay home when you are sick. Of course, you should be doing all of the things to stay safe – hand washing, limiting exposure, etc. – but this one deserves a second shout out. If you are not feeling well, please stay home and get well. Thanks to people who think like you, there will be plenty of volunteers out there to help when needed.

March 24, 2020 - Updates in Progress. More Organizations will be added as soon as the information is available.



Click here to volunteer for The Salvation Army Food Pantry
1615 Meridian St, Anderson, IN 46016
Volunteer Needs: Need people on the day before pantry (March 30th), 10am-12pm to pack food bags.  Also, need volunteers on distribution day (March 31st) from 9am-2:30pm to continue to pack dry goods and perishable bags during distribution.  Need a couple of volunteers to direct traffic outside as well.
Volunteer Age Restrictions: 16 & up or with a parent/leader also volunteering

Click here to volunteer for Park Place Community Center Food Pantry
802 E 5th St, Anderson, IN 46012
Volunteer needs: Stocking pantry, filling food boxes, loading vehicles w/ food boxes
Volunteer Age Restrictions: 18+ at this time
Click here to volunteer for Operation Love Ministries Food Pantry
620 E 21st Street, Anderson, IN 46015
Volunteer needs: Stocking pantry, filling food boxes, carrying food to clients, etc.

Click here to volunteer for Second Harvest Food Bank Tailgate Food Distributions
Select Madison County Locations
Volunteer needs: Set up location, package and carry food, direct traffic
Volunteer Restrictions: Volunteers will need to be at least 16 years of age and be accompanied by a parent/legal gaurdian.

Donate Items

The Christian Center
625 Main St, Anderson, IN 46016

8 am to 6 pm daily
Needs: Canned fruits and veggies, boxed foods, macaroni and cheese, etc., pasta, canned meats, proteins, TP, cleaners, bleach
Local Hospitals Need PPE
If you have any unopened personal protective equipment you can donate, please call any of the listed organizations to coordinate a drop-off time.
NeedsUnopened: N95 masks, Surgical masks, Disposable isolation gowns, Goggles, Safety glasses, Face shields.  
No hand-sewn masks at this time.
Call First
United Way - 205 West 11th Street, Anderson 765-643-7493
9 am - 4 pm Ring doorbell for assistance.
George Morrisett Center - 208 So. Anderson St, Elwood 765-552-5570
Drop off during food pantry hours, Wednesday and Thursday 9 am - 12 noon. Call for other times.
South Madison Community Foundation - 233 S. Main, Pendleton 765-778-8444
9 am - 4 pm Drop off receptacle on the porch - Please call first.

Donate Blood

Click here to find a Red Cross Blood Drive 
Click here to find a Versiti Blood Center of Indiana Location Site