Each of us can be part of building a thriving community

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Noah Rosen, President of Kleenco Maintenance and Construction, 2018 United Way Campaign Chair

I came to Madison County when I joined Kleenco after a career that has taken me all across the country. My experiences from coast to coast and across the Midwest have led me to a deep passion for creating opportunities for individuals and families that result in strong and thriving communities. That’s why I believe in United Way.

Whether I have been part of a large organization or a hometown company like Kleenco, I appreciate the depth of commitment to helping grow the local economy and investing in making our communities good places to live and work. United Ways work locally in thousands of communities across the country and the globe, focusing on lifting up every individual by asking each of us to get involved.

I said “yes” when asked to join the United Way of Madison County Board in 2016 because with United Way, it’s not just about providing the help that a family may need today. It’s about providing long-term support and resources to families so they are able and empowered to achieve a better, financially-stable future for themselves and their children. It’s about people like Liza and her daughters, like Destiny and her son, like Holli and her son, and like Tony and his young family. All of them and hundreds more like them are building stable lives and secure futures right here with the help of United Way of Madison County and the THRIVE Network of partner organizations.

United Way has given me the opportunity to do my part to create that future. As 2018 campaign chair, I have asked a lot of others to get involved and I am thrilled with the fabulous group of community advocates who have said “yes” to me. Beth Tharp, Scott Melinger, Brian Donahue, Greg Bramwell, Kelly Hawes, Aaron Reger and Bekah Logan-Snyder are leading teams of volunteers to reach across the county to ask every business and individual to join us.

Yes, that includes you. I’m asking you to say “yes” to supporting the 2018 United Way of Madison County campaign. Together we hope to raise $780,000 and claim a matching grant of an additional $50,000 through new and increased gifts.

We’re kicking off the campaign with the fifth annual Human Truck Pull sponsored by Carter Express and hosted by Hoosier Park Racing and Casino on Saturday, September 8. It’s a way to have fun and show by example how teamwork gets us so much further than we can go alone. I hope you can join us then, but the most important thing is that you join us. We need you. Because to live better, we must live united.