Fun Event and Incentive Ideas

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Themed Food Day
Employees cook their favorite dishes and pay to eat – with proceeds going to United Way. Have a contest for the ‘Best Dish.’ Get a trophy at the Dollar Store and give the trophy to the winner.

  • Chili or Soup Cook-Off

  • Cupcakes, Cookies & other desserts

Bake Sale 
Homemade or store bought items are brought in such as: cookies, pies, muffins, bars, cupcakes, fudge, and candy. Arrange baked items on a table to be seen and purchased throughout the day.

Potluck Luncheon 
Participating employees bring a hot-dish, appetizer, salad, side, dessert, etc. to be shared. Paper products are also needed for this event. Employees pay to fill their plate and sample everything in the room.

Root Beer Float Sales 
Seek donations or purchase root beer and vanilla ice cream. This popular event works well during lunch and breaks in the summertime. Remember a freezer will be needed to store the ice cream if the event is held all day.

Snack & Dessert Cart
Employees donate items; several carts travel around the building in the morning and afternoon and offer treats at a minimal cost. A new twist on the traditional bake sale.

Top Managers Cook for Employees
Have top managers cook a special breakfast for all donors. Another way to demonstrate employee appreciation.



Movie Trivia Quiz 

This quiz can be completed at workstations & returned to an appointed person to tally the scores. You can match the actor/actress with the movie, match the quote with the movie, or combine. The highest score wins a prize. In case of a tie, a drawing will be held. Winners can be announced at a group lunch at the close of the campaign.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest
Employees form teams and create their own unique design using pumpkins. The pumpkins are displayed in the company cafeteria and employees vote for their favorite pumpkin by placing money in that team’s container. The winning team is awarded a prize pack containing gift certificates and other goodies.

Department Penny Jar
Each department is designated a jar. Employees are encouraged to fill their own department’s jar with pennies, each equaling one point. Opposing departments may then add other coins to their jars that are equal to their value only negative (ex: A dime is minus 10 points). The department with the most positive points at the end of the week is awarded a prize.

Dress-up the Boss
Boss wears a costume voted on by all employees if the campaign goal is reached. Examples: tutu, animal costume, devil costume, etc.

Guess How Many 
Guess the number of jellybeans, M&Ms, pennies or other items in a jar. Buy chances to guess. Closest guess receives a prize.


Jeans Day/Casual Day 

Sell Jeans Day stickers that allow employees to dress down. Your United Way contact person can provide stickers that say 'Jeans Day for United Way' — just ask!
Or print your own:
Jeans Day Stickers - these are set up to print on a 1.5" circle sticker.
Jeans Day Labels - these will fit a 5160 label
Jeans Day Cards/Passes - 4-up on a page

Employee Car Wash 
Recruit a team of car-washers (consider involving managers) and determine shifts.  Team members bring sponges, rags, soap, buckets, hoses, radio, etc. on day of event. Set up wash site in employee parking lot. Wash tickets may be purchased in advance ($3-$5) or simply recruit cars on wash day. Car washers get keys from co-workers, pick up vehicle and bring to the wash site to be cleaned. Return washed cars to parking places. Workers never have to leave the office!


Ideas for Incentives

1.    Parking Place

2.    Afternoon off of work

3.    Lunch with the boss (out of office and the boss pays)

4.    Movie/game/play tickets

5.    Snooze day (allowed to come in late)

6.    Golf with the boss

7.    Car washed by boss or co-worker

8.    Leave 1-hour early/come in 1 hour late

9.    Office redecorated or cleaned — Trading Spaces

10.  Gas and car wash gift certificates

11.  Jeans on Fridays

12.  Company promotional items