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United Way is Committed to a Healthier Madison County

Creating a healthier Madison County is a primary goal for United Way of Madison County. Health plays a major role in the lives of every Madison County resident. From affordable access to primary care to preventation and treatment of chronic illness, access to quality health care keeps us studying, working and living a high quality of life. Indicators of poor health, such as lack of affordable care and unmanaged illnesses can create a community plagued with poor academic performance, increased number of sick days at work, and a lower quality of life. We fully support all of our of partners as they strive to make Madison County a healthier community.

Our Goal

All families will have access to affordable health care coverage and information on maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Our Strategy

Access to affordable primary healthcare coverage is the most basic building block to advancing the health of Madison County. Families that lack insurance coverage often times find themselves forgoing needed treatments, miss the benefits of early detection and have to shoulder the whole cost of care. Locally, United Way of Madison County serves as the lead agency for The Covering Kids and Families Madison County Coalition, a program that focuses on reducing the number of uninsured residents on Madison County. Covering Kids and Families Coalition

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One of the biggest barriers to health is the affordability of prescription drugs.  Through our partnership with FamilyWize we are able to distribute a prescription discount card that provides discounts of up to 30% for everyone in Madison County. The program is free to everyone and requires no paperwork. Just print off a FamilyWize card and take it to your phramacist. Your pharamcy staff can apply the discount to any prescription that isn't billed to a private insurance company.