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"Living Alice" Series

In 2015, The Herald Bulletin published a 3-day special report on "Living ALICE" in Madison County. We at United Way of Madison County are extremely grateful for their dedication in helping us to bring a greater understanding to this real struggle of individuals and families in our community. We are even more grateful for the courage of each individual who shared their struggle and story with readers all across the community. We hope that you will take the time to read the articles and join with United Way and The Herald Bulletin in furthering the conversation and work needed to be done to change this reality for our community.
The Herald Bulletin has graciously granted us permission to share these stories with you here in addition to their site. If you appreciate the series as much as we do, please consider letting their editor, Scott Underwood, know and voice your support of continuing to bring this struggle to light so that we can work together to address it.

About this series

A report last year by the Indiana Association of United Ways showed that 28 percent of Madison County residents earn too much income to qualify for welfare and many social services but too little to pay their bills and handle unexpected expenses. The study coined the acronym ALICE -- Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed -- to describe this group. The Herald Bulletin's special report, Living ALICE, examines the plight of those caught between poverty and financial security and assesses what is being done -- and what more could be done -- to give them a hand up.
Sunday, May 10: Framing the problem
Monday, May 11: Educational attainment and underemployment
Tuesday, May 12: Identifying solutions
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