Holli's Story

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Holli’s Story

Life wasn’t going the way Holli wanted. She found herself once again in an abusive situation and struggling financially to support herself and her son Matthew. She knew she needed help to figure out why life was going the way it was and encouragement that she could make changes that would lead to a better future for herself and her son. She found that and more at Dove Harbor.

Dove Harbor opened their doors to Holli and her son, giving them a place to stay in their transitional shelter. They also gave Holli the critical support and validation she needed to tackle the obstacles that were keeping her from the life she wanted for herself and Matthew.

“The program at Dove Harbor is amazing! They helped me see that I can do things. I can care for my son. I can live on my own. I have the ability,” shared Holli. “They really did want me to succeed. They really did care. I didn’t think people could be like that.”

One of the key parts of the program at Dove Harbor is participation in specialized classes funded in part by United Way of Madison County. Classes covered a wide range of subjects including parenting, setting safe boundaries with others, budgeting, life skills, penny pinching and more. She even learned about ways to cook and provide food for her family. “I gained so much from it. I discovered things I didn’t know. It was worth every compromise – both work and personal to learn what I learned,” said Holli

Holli learned much from her time at Dove Harbor. She graduated and moved out a few months ago but she still participates in their Graduate Aftercare Program (GAP). The GAP program gives Holli ongoing support and the opportunity to retake classes or participate in new programs as they become available. This includes United Way’s new THRIVE Network which is focused on helping individuals like Holli to realize long-term financial stability and reach major goals in their lives.

Holli is still working through her struggles with financial instability but she’s driven to keep learning. She is looking forward to becoming a Thrive Network client in the coming months.