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United Way Helps Americans Achieve Financial Stability

Financial stability is not a simple, one-step process. Many people struggle to get by, even working multiple jobs. Family-sustaining income is a cornerstone of financial stability: the key to paying the rent, putting food on the table, and affording childcare and transportation. It is also the springboard to longer term asset building strategies such as saving to buy a home, sending kids to college, and saving for retirement.

Our Goal

Hard-working low-income households will earn enough money to support their families.

Our Strategy

While continuing to address critical needs such as emergency food, housing and utilities for individuals and families in crisis, United Way of Madison County is partnering with the local community to develop resources and opportunities that help individuals and families move up the ladder of financial security. Local initiatives and other efforts supported range from improving access to quality childcare and transportation to tax refunds saving and job skills development strategies.

How You Can Help

Volunteers make United Ways’ tax assistance and financial education programs possible. We need your help, even if you don’t have an accounting background. Volunteer to help.

Our Partners

Alexandria Public Library
Anderson Impact Center
Alternatives, Inc.
CAN (Community Access Network)
Dove Harbor
Flagship Enterprise Center
Hinds Career Center
Pendleton Library
Salvation Army
Second Harvest