Larry and Leigh Ann's Story

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Larry and Leigh Ann's Story

Larry and Leigh Ann Chubb know firsthand that living without health insurance affects you more than you can imagine. After years of both Larry and his wife Leigh Ann having employer-provided insurance, they found themselves with no insurance when Larry was unable to return to his job as a mechanic after a doctor-directed medical leave. Leigh Ann shared, “I was so worried about what could happen without insurance that I couldn’t sleep at night. I felt like if something happened, we could lose our home in order to cover the medical costs.”

Although Larry and Leigh Ann were eligible to get insurance through the ACA Marketplace, all the ads they had seen and heard about it left them confused. “I didn’t know if it was a good thing or not. I was worried about what would happen with it. Would it stay around?” said Leigh Ann. Because of their uncertainty they decided to go without and not sign up for insurance.

That decision left them uninsured for one year.

“We got lucky that nothing major happened during those months,” shared Leigh Ann. However, Larry had suffered several strokes prior to losing their insurance. There were medications and doctor visits that were needed but they had to go without. For 7 months Larry did not get the prescriptions he needed because they could not afford the cost of them or the cost of seeing doctors that could prescribe the medications he needed.

Things began to change after Leigh Ann saw a column written by United Way in the local newspaper. The column talked about United Way’s free help in getting signed up on the Marketplace. Leigh Ann knew that now was the time to ask for help and get the medical insurance that she and her husband needed.

Leigh Ann called and set an appointment with Julie Barton, licensed navigator at United Way of Madison County. “Julie did a good job explaining our options. She was very knowledgeable and helped us get set up on a policy we could afford. In fact, it was more affordable then I thought and the deductibles were good,” shared Leigh Ann.

Now Leigh Ann can sleep again because she knows they have the medical insurance they need. Her husband can now get back on the medications he needs and get back to seeing the doctors he needs to. Leigh Ann’s advice to anyone waiting to sign up on the Marketplace, “Don’t wait. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress. Talk to someone that can help and find out how much you can save.”

United Way of Madison County is the lead local agency for Covering Kids and Families, a network of navigators that assist individuals in securing and maintaining health insurance and access to health care.



If you or someone you know is currently uninsured complete an online referral, call 765-608-3062 or E-mail to learn more about available plans and to find the enrollment center closest to you.

CKF has licensed Indiana Navigators that provide FREE help to Hoosier families to enroll in and understand state and federal health insurance programs such as Medicaid, Hoosier Healthwise, Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women, the Healthy Indiana Plan and the Health Insurance Marketplace. Navigators assist consumers at all points in the enrollment process and will work with consumers to maintain their coverage once approved.