Lisa's Story

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Lisa's Story

Lisa had a career she loved, working as a Certified Nurse Assistant and caring for others. It was something she’d done for many years and she looked forward to it each day. She was thankful for a job she loved, a good employer and the income it provided. Unfortunately she did not make enough to leave much left over at the end of each paycheck. The struggle of staying on top of her bills was all too real. On December 28, 2014 the struggle became even greater as she suffered both a stroke and seizure that forced her to be off work and consequently without insurance at a time she needed it most.

“You’re stripped of everything when something like this happens,” shared Lisa. The sudden stroke and seizure began a devastating chain reaction in Lisa’s life. Her employer held her job for as long as they could but without medical insurance Lisa was unable to afford the medications needed to prevent more seizures. As a result, she continued to have them making it impossible for her doctor to release her back to work. The only hope to stop the vicious cycle was to find a way to get insurance so she could afford medical care and the medicine she needed.

To help make ends meet during this difficult time, Lisa visited WorkOne to apply for help for the first time in her life. While there she learned that United Way of Madison County was offering free help to get signed up for insurance. Knowing that insurance was the key to moving beyond her circumstances she immediately called Julie Barton, United Way’s Outreach Coordinator and she was so glad she did.

Julie met with Lisa and walked her through all her options and helped her to understand each one. With Julie’s help Lisa learned she was eligible to sign up for the HIP 2.0 and she did. Not only did Lisa get covered, she was able to receive that coverage for just $1 a month plus take advantage of a fast track option that gave her immediate coverage for an affordable down payment of $10. Additionally, Julie was able to connect Lisa to one of United Way’s Covering Kids and Family partners for assistance in getting her needed medications quickly. Given how tight money was for Lisa, this was just what she needed to get back on track.

Turning to United Way for help during this critical time for Lisa provided more than she could have hoped. Not only did she find a way to get insurance, she found someone to give her the support she needed and the opportunity to get back to the job and people she missed.

Lisa can’t wait to be released to go back to work. “I miss the people I take care of,” said Lisa. “Even though I can’t work right now, I still go to see them because they are like my family.”