Local Board Announces EFSP Funding Awards

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Madison County’s local board for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, chaired nationally by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) has announced its funding awards. The local board was notified in May that it had $108,226 eligible to distribute for Phase 37 and Phase CARES funding, and placed public notices in the media inviting any 501(c) 3 agencies to apply for part of this funding.
For funding requests to be eligible, they had to be for expansions of existing programs that currently provide emergency shelter or food to persons in need.  Local agencies submitted eligible requests totaling $197,692.
The Phase 37 and Phase CARES funded agencies are as follows:
Agency Combined Awards
Shelter - Alternatives Inc. - $8,000
Meal Site - The Christian Center - $23,262
Food Pantry - Elwood Ministerial Association - $3,000
Food Pantry - Helping Hands - $8,000
Food Pantry - Operation Love Ministries - $9,000
Rent Assistance - Operation Love Ministries - $9,800
Food Pantry - Park Place Church of God - $10,000
Meal Site - Pendleton Christian Church - $1,000
Food Pantry - The Salvation Army - $8,000
Rent Assistance - The Salvation Army - $20,000
Rent Assistance - St. Vincent DePaul - $6,000
Fiscal Administration   - United Way - $2,164
United Way of Madison County is the local fiscal agent for the program and local board convener. Local board members are representatives of constituencies and organizations as required by the national EFSP program, including a catholic organization, a local ministerial association, a government agency, a homeless advocate, United Way, Salvation Army, and the American Red Cross.