LouAnn's Story

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LouAnn's Story

LouAnn and her boyfriend of ten years live in Pendleton, Indiana with her three teenagers. Throughout her years of working on her feet, LouAnn developed the endurance to stay on her feet for hours at a time. Last year, LouAnn experienced an accident on the job that broke her leg, and consequently put her out of work. During the recovery from her injury, she joined her children at the Pendleton Community Public Library where she was able to use their computers and check out books and movies.

Having made a mistake on her taxes twenty years ago, LouAnn was afraid to file her taxes on her own. Previously, she had paid to have her taxes filed, and this year it was going to cost her $288 – a price that was all too high for her family. Luckily, LouAnn frequented the library and saw a poster about a service that would allow her to file her taxes for free, MyFreeTaxes.com.

She learned that United Way of Madison County had organized free tax help at the library. Taxpayers are invited use a computer lab to navigate MyFreeTaxes.com. The computer lab is staffed by an IRS-certified Tax Mentor, who can help taxpayers use the software and answer any basic tax questions they might have. With this information, LouAnn returned to the library during the tax help time and began filing her taxes that day. She says, “The Tax Mentor was very nice and helped me through everything. She kept checking on me. As easy as it was, I wish I had done it before. I am sure there are lots of people who can use MyFreeTaxes.com. It can be anyone – even someone down on their luck at the moment, like me.”

LouAnn enjoyed the easy use of the software, the help of the Tax Mentor, and was able to prepare and file her taxes in about forty minutes. The best part is that it did not cost her a penny! She was so happy with the service that she recommended MyFreeTaxes.com to her relative.

Since recovery from her injury, LouAnn has begun taking courses at Medtech College in Indianapolis to study to be a Medical Assistant. She received her federal refund just in time to afford her commute to school.