Making Connections Presentation Materials

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Thank you for attending the Making Connections Childcare Providers Conference.  We hope you enjoyed the day and are able to use the information presented in your work with young children.  In order to ensure you are able to make the most of the day, we asked presenters if we could post their materials on our website, and are pleased to be able to share with you electronic versions of some of the presentions below.  The work you do to educate our youngest and most vulnerable children is critical to our community and we appreciate each of you!

4 Steps to Form and Early Childhood Coalition

Blending and Braiding Funding to Support Your Financial Goals

Getting Ready for Kindergarten:  Activities for Preschoolers 

Preschoolers Social-Emotional Development Through Family Involvement

Project Art for Infants and Toddlers Using Natural Material

School Readiness for Infants and Toddlers