NTN Driveshaft wins Spirit of United Way Award

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The Spirit of United Way Award is given in recognition for those organizations who have shown an outstanding commitment and support for our community through their involvement with United Way locally. Recipients of this award step up and lead in every way - giving, volunteering AND advocating all with the goal to make the greatest impact possible.

Our Spirit of United Way award winner, NTN Driveshaft has embodied the spirit of United Way in so many meaningful ways this year.

Their employee giving campaign spans a full month and includes some unique giving opportunities like casting a cash vote for a manager to do their job for the day and our personal favorite, having their plant manager put on a scuba suit, get into a dunk tank and taunt employees to pay to knock him down all in support of United Way. And it worked, their campaign increased this year over last. 

But they don’t just give, they volunteer. This year they worked with United Way on a company volunteer day where over 40 employees volunteered on a Saturday and competed multiple projects at 2 different United Way THRIVE partners – Dove Harbor and The Children’s Bureau. They also had over 30 employees volunteer for United Way’s Operation Weatherization this year, more than any other organization.

And it doesn’t stop there, NTN Driveshaft further proved their commitment to their employees and United Way this year, when they signed on to be one of our first Thrive at Work sites – putting a United Way Thrive coach inside their workplace to directly help and work with employees.

For giving it their all-in order to help others and build up our community is what makes NTN Driveshaft our winner of this year’s Spirit of United Way award.