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Saturday, November 3, 2018
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What is Operation Weatherization?

Neighbors in our community are living on the edge, surviving paycheck-to-paycheck, unable or barely able to meet their expenses—and just one doctor’s visit or car problem away from crisis.  Weatherization can help reduce energy costs, prevent potential health problems, and help keep our neighbors on a track to meet their basic needs.


Did you know you can volunteer any day of November of your choice?  Great for employee teams!


WE NEED SPONSORS! The more sponsors and volunteers that join, the more homes we can weatherize and families we can help.

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone. Join a volunteer team or organize one yourself. Teams of five to eight members will each weatherize two pre-selected homes. 

Operation Weatherization Volunteers

 "We do a lot of service projects with our club. Some of them just aren't fun and some of them can be. This one was by far, the most fun service project we have done." Matt Decker, Dativus Delta Kappa Alpha Mens Service and Social Club, Anderson University. It is the great attitudes like this that make helping people a more enjoyable experience!



Teams from top left, Helping Hands Food Pantry (St. John's Lutheran) and Alexandria
Middle left, Anderson University Camarada Service Club and St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital
Bottom left, RSVP 55+, and Coca-Cola.

Are you intimidated by the idea of doing Weatherization?

Don't be. It's simple!

Here's a list of videos to help you become the best OPERATION WEATHERIZATION volunteer!

We want to say THANKS to the Operation Weatherization 2016 Volunteers!

On a chilly November Saturday morning, over 150 volunteers gathered at locations across the county to help support their community.  Operation Weatherization was launched and as of today, 191 volunteers have provided Operation Weatherization to 85 homes! By the end of the month, we hope to have served close to 100 homes with the remaining supplies and more volunteer teams.

Thanks to: 

Anderson 1st United Methodist Church
Anderson University Avanti Boosters Service Club
Anderson University Camarada Service Club
Anderson University Dativus Service Club
Anderson University L'amifidel Service Club
Anderson University Student United Way
Belmont Neighborhood Group 
Community Hospital Anderson 
East Main St. Church Men's Group
Elwood Fire Department - Registration Site 
Elwood's Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Hoosier Park
Kleenco - Team & Registration Site
Liberty Christian 8th Gr. Class- Mission Project on Friday, Nov. 4th
Pendleton Heights Middle School - Registration Site
Pendleton 7th Gr. Boys' Basketball Team
RSVP Members
Saint Mary's Church
Star Financial Bank
Youth Leadership Academy
The "boxing/registration team" of RSVP and Tri Kappa Xi Chapter
And the City of Anderson Team
Community Development - Lelia Kelley
Anderson Fire Department and the Get Alarmed Program
Anderson Police Department - Community Policing Division
Anderson Parks Department
Anderson TV
Mayor of Anderson - Thomas Broderick
Check out Team Pictures on Facebook!  Tag your Friends!  Check out the Anderson TV Video of the Anderson Project!
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