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Location Information
Anderson - Anderson Impact Center, 630 Nichol Avenue - Saturday, November 3
Alexandria - Downtown Kleenco, 111 West Washington Street - Saturday, November 3

Pendleton - 1 Plaza Dr #3, Pendleton, IN 46064 - Saturday, November 3
Frankton HS Students in Action - Frankton HS - Friday, November 9 (Students/Parents/Teachers)
Elwood - Coming Soon!  Registered volunteers will be sent an email with the location updates!
Other communities will be added for registered local teams!

Between November 5th & 30th - Do you want a team building project just after work on a weekday? A family project for a Sunday afternoon? It's up to you. This is a great way to build teams and help your neighbors out at the same time.  


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If you are not a part of a team, please enter "No Team" and we will connect you with a team.
Enter the Date Your Team Wishes to Volunteer Between November 5 - 30, (Except November 22 & 23)
Volunteers 55 and over will be sent an email to help us with our grant, the RSVP program. Volunteers under 18 will be sent a parent/guardian permission slip.
I understand that I am participating in Operation Weatherization through United Way of Madison County. I understand that, as a volunteer, I may be involved in physical activities that have a potential risk of injury. I assume that risk. I agree that I will only perform volunteer activities that I am comfortable doing. I also agree that I will not hold United Way of Madison County and all of their former and current officers, directors, shareholders and employees, or any of their community service partners responsible or liable for any damage or injury to me or my property as a result of my participation in Operation Weatherization. I agree to be responsible for my behavior and to indemnify and hold harmless the United Way and all of their former and current officers, directors, shareholders and employees, and their community service partners from any damages or liabilities arising out of my activities as a volunteer in connection with Operation Weatherization. I also grant full permission for organizers to use photographs or video footage of me in legitimate accounts and promotions of this event.
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