Sandra's Story

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Sandra's Story

At the age of 51, Sandra Sheefel found herself facing two challenging realities that she never anticipated– taking on the responsibility of caring for her two grandchildren and suddenly being without health insurance.  
“I didn’t even know I had lost my HIP coverage until I went to pick up one of my prescriptions and they told me I was no longer covered,” Sandra shared. Sandra lost her health insurance because she made too much money at her job to keep it. “When I found out I lost my insurance, I tried to look at the marketplace and find a plan I could afford, but I didn’t know what I was doing,” she said.
Shortly after losing her health insurance, Sandra met Julie Barton, Outreach Coordinator for United Way of Madison County at a Back to School event. Julie explained that her job is to help people find affordable health insurance so that everyone in our community has access to health care. She offered her free services to help Sandra find and enroll in an affordable plan.
Sandra and Julie met the following week and now Sandra has coverage she can afford. “I’m so thankful to have insurance. Julie made sure I have insurance until I can enroll at my new job. She made enrolling understandable,” said Sandra.
Getting insurance has saved Sandra money and prevented her from having to cancel the doctor appointments and prescriptions she needs. “By getting insurance I can afford, I don’t have to take money away from what I need to provide for my grandkids,” Sandra shared. By meeting with Julie, Sandra also learned about the FamilyWize prescription discount card that has also saved her a lot of money.
Sandra shared, “I never thought to come to United Way for help until I met Julie. I am very grateful. Meeting with Julie was one of the smartest things I’ve done.”
United Way of Madison County is the lead local agency for Covering Kids and Families, a network of local navigators that assist individuals in securing and maintaining health insurance and access to health care. 



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