Story of Getting Back Up Again and Again

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For many THRIVE clients, life is a continual cycle of being knocked down, getting back up and then getting knocked down again. What sets them apart is despite major life challenges, they reach out for help so they can press on for a better future.

This is the story of one of those clients. A client that was knocked down so many times and in so many ways but now is in a much better place because of the help and support she received from the THRIVE Network.

She describes her life as always being rough with a long history of abuse including being molested, raped and attacked. The abuse continued into her marriage. Her husband, an alcoholic threatened to hurt her and her infant son. She feared for her safety but even more she feared for her son’s. She knew she had to leave and so in the middle of the night, without anything but her son, she left and ran into the safe arms of family.

While being out of the abusive situation was a victory, she faced another challenge. She had nothing. Her ex would not give her any of her things and she had no way to get on her feet. She reached out to the THRIVE Network for help and found it. To start, the coaches helped her find an apartment and a job. “The coaches have been a godsend. If it wasn’t for them and my family, I don’t know where I would be today,” she shared.

She describes working with her THRIVE coaches like having an extended family that look out for her. No matter the circumstance, they work with her to find a resource. When she lost the job they helped her find, her coach wasn’t upset with her. She just said “let’s get back on the horse and find another job.” And they did.

Her challenges continue and but so does the support of the THRIVE Network. Right now, with the help of her coaches, she is applying for healthcare, getting connected to doctors that can help her work through her past abuse. More than anything, she wants for her and her son to be safe.

Through the support she has received at the THRIVE Network, she has found confidence again and she recommends the Network to all her friends that are in a rough spot. She tells them, “They will help you and they won’t judge you. They will help you when you are ready to give up. They helped me not lose hope and now I’m in a much better place because of it.”