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The community need

Could you support a family of four on less than $50,000 a year? For nearly half of the families in our community, the question isn't a hypothetical, it's their reality. It may be a reality for you.
39% of Madison County families live on an annual income that is far less than the bare minimum annual family income of $61,920* that is needed to cover basic bills for a family of four. Many of these families work one or more jobs earning low wages. Daily choices often include decisions like "should I pay my utility bill or put food on the table?". Families in this reality live paycheck-to-paycheck and are unable to set aside money to buy a house, invest in an education for themselves or their children. There is little hope for a different future. 

What United Way of Madison County is doing to change this reality

United Way of Madison County launched the new THRIVE Network on August 1, 2016 to help local families build better financial futures. The Network will provide a unique and powerful opportunity for hardworking, yet financially-struggling individuals and families throughout Madison County to receive personalized coaching and supports to obtain good jobs with good wages, success for their children and financial skills that produce long-lasting financial changes in their lives. 

Who can be a part of the THRIVE Network?

The THRIVE Network is designed to help those that are working yet often living paycheck to paycheck — on the edge, with nothing left over at the end of the month and without savings in case of an emergency. THRIVE participants may have different backgrounds and dreams, but they are all committed to their goal of achieving financial stability for their families. Individuals are also ready to make a long-term commitment to coaching and services as the average length of time in the network will be 18 months.

Not a Program, but a best practice approach

The THRIVE Network is an innovative collaborative of several local nonprofit partners working together to provide holistic and bundled services and one-on-one coaching to help families increase income, build savings and acquire assets. Our THRIVE Network is modeled after Annie E. Casey Foundation's Centers for Working Families and will build upon it's proven success in helping families achieve long-term financial stability. The Center for Working Families model has been adopted at more than 100 locations throughout the country and at least two dozen states. 
Our THRIVE Network is not a cookie cutter program that individuals will be placed into. Instead, individuals will develop their own personalized financial and educational goals and then work directly with coaches in at least two of three key areas over time to achieve results. Coaching areas are:
  • Income Supports - access to public benefits, free tax preparation and other financial resources
  • Employment - education, workforce development, job and vocational coaching, interviewing, resume building and other employment services
  • Financial - financial education and coaching, reducing debt, budgeting, credit/debt counseling, home ownership and savings programs
THRIVE's collaborative network and bundled services means families don’t just get help with one issue, but benefit from comprehensive and individualized plans that address the many challenges they face.

Bundled services and coaching WORKS!

Evidence has shown that bundling services works! There is a direct connection between bundling and increased likelihood of families achieving major economic outcomes including increased income, increased net worth, and increased credit scores. The chart below shows the impact that Indianapolis's Center for Working Families "bundled services" approach was able to achieve in a 2-year period in the areas of family income and job retention. Receiving services and coaching in at least 2 areas dramatically increased the long-term success overall.
Madison County's THRIVE Network goal in following the same model is that we will be able to bring the same proven opportunities for success to families throughout Madison County.

Where can individuals find and access the THRIVE Network?

The THRIVE Network will offer bundled services in several locations and in flexible ways to allow individuals to receive coaching and services at times and places that work within everyone's schedule. Coaches will be mobile throughout the county, working out of designated hubs at The Anderson Impact Center, the Church at Broadway Park in Alexandria, and Elwood Hope Center as well as being open to other meeting places as determined by the coach and participant. 

Individuals that are interested in enrolling in the THRIVE Network can fill out our online interest form or call our office at 765-608-3060. There is no cost to participate in the THRIVE Network.


How you can help yourself or other families THRIVE?

If you would like to find out more about enrolling in the THRIVE Network, click here to fill out our interest form
After completing, a member of the THRIVE Network will contact you.

If you would like to support a family in moving from just surviving to thriving through the THRIVE Network, donate here,


*U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA),Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state Treasury, and ChildCare Aware, 2012; American Community Survey, 1 year estimate.