Thriving at any age

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You’ve heard us say that the THRIVE Network is there for everyone. Anyone can be a part of it – no matter circumstance, income or age. To show the truth in that, the reality that there are individuals working hard to make their future stronger and better in all walks and stages of life, I want to share the story of one of our participants with you.

At almost 70, she had been working at local non-profit organization for 4 years. Her position, which she loved was funded through a grant program that provided 4 years of employment funding for seniors. She was great asset to her employer for the full 4 years. However, once grant funding was gone, the organization was no longer able to afford to keep her and she became unemployed.

She applied for unemployment at WorkOne because financially she needed the income. While at WorkOne she was referred to the THRIVE program at the Anderson Impact Center. At the Anderson Impact Center she met THRIVE employment coach, Penny. They met several times as they worked to find a job placement for her. In that process they found a good fit for her as a substitute teacher at ACS Community schools and she began teaching earlier this year.

While having a new and flexible job option was great and met her employment goal, the reality of being without a job for several months prior to the new job took a toll on her finances. She needed to find a way to make her mortgage and car payments, even though she had lost vital income during temporary unemployment. She then met with Brandon, one of THRIVE’s Financial coaches to find a way to meet her financial commitments.

With Brandon’s help, she was able to have her mortgage payment temporarily reduced for a few months, giving her an opportunity to get back on her feet. THRIVE was also able to provide assistance on a single car payment to bridge the gap to her new job.

When I talked with her, she said the coaches made all the difference. “They were so engaged, so caring. Whatever the situation was, they were there providing resources and assistance.”

THRIVE helped her to feel empowered. She now knows about so many resources in the community that she did not know were available. And she knows that whatever the future may bring, she can go back to the THRIVE coaches any time she needs their help. It’s an open door.