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Be a part of United Way's Virtual Diaper Drive. It's easy!

40% of families in Madison County struggle to make ends meet on a weekly basis during normal times. Add in the financial impact of COVID-19 on those families and you will realize that we have a growing number of families in the coming months that will not be able pay their bills and affording basic needs like diapers will be a huge challenge. They will have to rely on local baby pantries to help them meet their diaper needs.  Your support in keeping our local babies healthy from the bottom up means more than ever.
That's why United Way of Madison County moved it's annual Community Diaper Drive from in person to virtual this year. You can make an impact by donating diapers to local baby pantries through Amazon Virtual Diaper Drive Wish List.  100% of donations will go towards local baby pantries throughout Madison County.
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See the steps below (including the language you can use to get started!)
Step 1:  Determine if you want to make a donation directly or host your own virtual drive. 
You can:
  • Visit our wishlist and make a direct donation of diapers virtually
  • Send a mass email to your friends and family
  • Host a Facebook Fundraiser
  • Email or post on your social media channels directing people to our donation wishlist page
Step 2: Hosting your own Virtual Drive? Compose an email or social media post to send. Here are sample social media posts (feel free to copy and paste, combine messages or make your own): 
  • With schools closing soon and families bracing for the impact of lost employment and income due to COVID-19, the need for diaper assistance will surge over the coming months. Everyone knows how important food is, and that cannot be discounted.  We must also pay attention to other basic needs that have a drastic impact on families.  The stress caused by needing diapers can be as stressful as food insecurity. I'm helping United Way to secure diapers to give to families in need through local baby pantires.  Please purchase diapers through United Way's Virtual Diaper Drive Wishlist and diapers will be delivered directly to United Way to distribute to local baby pantries in Madison County and Middletown.  Amazon Virtual Diaper Drive Wishlist:
  • Infrequent diaper changing can cause urinary tract infections and secondary skin infections among babies that can result in necessary doctor visits. The extra stressors placed on families right now will only amplify these issues and no family wants to make extra visits to the doctor.  You can help.  Your donation will purchase diapers for children throughout Madison County and Middletown.  Donate diapers through United Way's Virtual Diaper Drive Wishlist. Diapers will be delivered directly to United Way to distribute to local baby pantries.  Amazon Virtual Diaper Drive Wishlist:
Step 3:  Don't forget to include a link to our Amazon Virtual Diaper Drive Wishlist page:
Step 4: Break out your contacts; Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snap Chat, etc., and let everyone know you’re hosting a drive or donating diapers
Step 5: Tag us on social media and we'll share the amazing way you're making a difference during this challenging time.